Ypsilanti STEMM Middle College


Reinventing Education

The story of Grizzly Robotics changed when we realized we could use FIRST to destroy the generational cycle of poverty for our students, develop high-functioning adults, and change the world one life at a time. Using our FIRST experience, we reinvented education and created a pipeline for our students into STEM careers.

In 2013, Grizzly Robotics started the STEM & Manufacturing (STEMM) Middle College which revolves around our robotics team and the principles of FIRST. This 5-year program requires students take engineering and manufacturing courses, where every student builds and programs robots as a part of our normal school day.


Students are also required to earn 15 or more college credits, because studies show earning credits while in high school correlates with an 80% increase in students obtaining a college degree. This transforms education and changes the trajectory of our lives.

Measurable Impact (past 5 years):

  • School graduation rate has increased from 69% to 97%

  • 500+ students enrolled in STEMM Middle College

  • 200+ students graduated from STEMM Middle College

  • Math proficiency rates have increased from 3% to 33%

  • Science proficiency rates have increased from 9% to 35%; 15% above the state average

  • Student suspension rates have decreased from 35% to less than 1%

  • By June 2019 STEMM Middle College students will have earned over 1,400 college credits while still in high school

For more information or to apply to the Ypsilanti STEMM Middle College, click here.