Grizzly Pipeline

Grizzly Robotics created a cradle-to-career-to-mentor pipeline, aka the Grizzly Pipeline. We’ve started 11 teams to expose all students to a FIRST team from JFLL, FLL, FTC, and FRC in our school district. Now, students are exposed to FIRST throughout their education, but also mentored and supported as they transition to college and careers. As a result of the Grizzly Pipeline, 70.4% of our mentors are alumni who have returned as professionals to inspire students to become STEM leaders.


Expanding FIRST in China


At Grizzly Robotics, we focus our attention on preparing students to enter the workforce with global experiences that employers seek.

In 2018, we traveled to Hangzhou, China where we mentored 2 pre-rookie FRC teams. We then traveled to Shanghai to meet with our corporate sponsors, Honeywell and ZF, urging them to support FIRST teams in China. Our students, who once struggled to speak in their classrooms are now successfully presenting to corporate boardrooms at global companies.

Community Outreach

In 1998, Grizzly Robotics was the only FIRST program in Washtenaw County, Mich. We’ve spent 21 years promoting FIRST and STEM at over 500 demonstrations in cities and schools across the region. We’ve created a cultural recognition of FIRST that paved the way for the 159 FIRST teams that now exist in our surrounding communities.